Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire


The Château was built on a cliff with a fantastic view on the river Loire. The horse stables are in a perfect state. The huge park shelters every year, from May to November, the famous “Festival des Jardins”: some 26 pieces of land are attributed to landscape architects, who have to grow and organize their garden on a given theme, changing every year! You can spend a day there, with 2 lovely restaurants in the park.

Château de Cheverny


Magnificently furnished château, it served as a model to Hergé in his famous Tintin books! You will be surprised by its refined and authentic furniture and the charm of its decoration. After visiting the château you will appreciate a walk in the big park or boating on the canal…

Parc animalier de Beauval

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             Need a nice break between 2 chateaux? Treat your children or yourself with a visit to Beauval animal park. It is one of the most beautiful in Europe! You will love the 2 newly arrived Chinese pandas, as well as lots of baby-borns and the fantastic birds show.

Château de Chenonceau



The feminine touch of Catherine de Médicis! A jewel of Renaissance architecture, built on the river Cher over the Diane de Poitiers bridge and a double level gallery. The sight on the river and the “jardins à la française” is breathtaking. Inside you will admire famous paintings from 16th, 17th and 18th centuries as well as antique pieces of furniture.

Château de Chambord



The most impressive castle in the country! The emblem of French Renaissance, it was ordered by genius young king François 1st, where he invited European kings for hunting parties in the surrounding woods. At dusk you will observe deers and wild boars grazing in the pastures from the watching posts in the forest.